Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb

“The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb are a contemplative community that enables girls with Down’s syndrome to respond to a religious vocation.”


“We follow every day the ‘little way’ taught by Saint Therese; knowing that ‘great actions are forbidden to us’, we learn from her to receive everything from God, to ‘love for the brothers who fight’, to ‘scatter flowers for Jesus’, and to pray for the intentions entrusted to us.”

Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb via Laodicea
Little Sisters with Big Grins via The Anchoress

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I am Michael, yes a sinner and indeed untaught, the least of all the faithful and most contemptible to many. I am certain in my heart that “all that I am,” I have received from God. So I live in the world, a stranger and exile for the love of God. I am driven by the zeal of God, which Christ’s truth has aroused in me. I speak out too for love of my neighbors. I am imperfect in many things, nevertheless I want my brethren and kinsfolk to know my nature so that they may be able to perceive my soul’s desire. If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to love these peoples; even though some of them despise me. I Cor. 15:10 — Adapted from “The Confession of Saint Patrick” and “A Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus.” By Saint Patrick, Bishop of Armagh. Trans. and ed. John Skinner. 1998.

4 thoughts on “Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb

  1. Hi my name is sarah, Iam looking for religiouslife and Iam handicapped and looking for vocation in the community of the lamb of God. Do you know any contact or e-mails. Please let me know.thanks sarah

    • Dear Sarah,

      Please contact the order at the following address and phone numbers.

      You can reach us at our
      community place

      Community of the Lamb
      36, S.Boeke street
      Kansas City KS 66101 USA

      T. 001 . 913 621 1727
      F. 001 . 913 621 2823

      Blessings in Christ!
      Happy Feast of the Ascension,
      Hannah’s Tears

    • Meg, you will have to contact the order.. they possibly have something for men also, I am not sure though.

      God bless you,
      Hannah’s Tears Ministry Intercessor

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